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Welcome to Farm Bag Film Division, LLC

Farm Bag Film Division, LLC has all your agricultural film needs.

Farm Bag Film Division, LLC is a major supplier of agricultural film since 1984. We serve customers nation wide, both wholesale and retail from our Brownsville, Ohio facility.

The film production for hay and silage is an exciting and growing segment. This is an exciting and growing segment of American agriculture and we will strive to provide quality products at competitive prices required by this important part of our country's economy.

We carry a large inventory of products year-round for hay and silage

We carry: Bale Bags, Bale Tubes, Bale Overslips, Sunfilm Stretch Wrap, Farm Bale Seal Stretch Wrap, Winmore Stretch Wrap, Bale Caps, Hay Wrap, Baler Wrap,Bunker Covers, Contractor Flat Sheeting (no UVI) and Agricultural Flat Sheeting (with UVI), Virgin Film, Silage Bags, Grain Bags, Poly and Sisal Twine, Bale Top Covers, Grif Clips and Agricultural Repair Tape.

For additional information on any of our products contact us at:800-327-6224 or 866-972-7429

Thank you for selecting Farm Bag Film Division, LLC. as your supplier for Agricultural Films

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Silage BagsGrain BagsBale Bags
Bale CapsBale Top CoversNet Wrap
Sunfilm Stretch WrapFlat Sheeting/ Bunker Cover/Silage Shield/Oxygen BarrierPoly Twine
Sisal TwineAgricultural Repair TapeGrif Clips
Hay Tarps and Tie StrapsWinmoreHarvest Master Green Net Wrap
Baling Wire
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